Terms and conditions of Unitchange

The Unitchange operates as a platform for buying and selling Cryptocurrencies and exchange Fiat currencies to Cryptocurrencies.

In the Unitchange, you can see the amount of your receipts and payments according to the currency of your choice.

For example, in the Bitcoin to Tether exchange section, the amount you pay in Bitcoin and the amount you receive in Tether before the transaction can be seen, and you can complete your transaction after viewing the exchanging rates.

One of the issues in the field of Cryptocurrencies is customer authentication. In Unitchange, if the origin and destination of currency exchange is not the currency of Rials, you can easily exchange your currency without registration and authentication (No KYC), and if you want to sell digital currency and receive Rials, you need to register ( Without authentication) and if you want to exchange Rials to Cryptocurrency, you need to register and authenticate on the site.

*Authentication steps for Rial transactions

Authentication in the Unitchange was very simple and includes the following steps:

Register on the site and confirm your email

Confirm mobile number and Phone number

Provide a picture of the national card, and a picture of the bank card with which you make or receive your payment

Present your selfie with national card and bank card with handwritten text including the following signed text:

I (name and surname) to the national number (national number) to use the services of unitchange.com I accept legal responsibility for using my bank card and Unitchange account and I undertake to use my Unitchange account and bank account in Do not give authority to anyone else. I have also read the terms and rules of the Unitchange and it is approved by me.

Name, surname, signature and date

* Unitchange Site Rules

Unitchange users are required to study the rules of use of the site and only if they accept these rules to act on transactions on this site.

Unitchange site does not offer any services including buying and selling paper currencies such as dollars, pounds, euros, etc.

Unitchange does not keep any assets on loan and is not a place to store Cryptocurrencies, so after registering the transaction request, Unitchange will deposit the user’s requested currency to the wallet address provided by the user as soon as possible. And any encroachment on that property is at the disposal of the user.

Authentication is required to use the Rial to Cryptocurrency exchange service, and users are required to provide their correct information. Also, in case of any violation or secrecy in authentication, the responsibility is on the offender and the unitchange can stop any services to this person and if necessary will have the right to refer violations to the competent authorities.

Users undertake to use the services of Unitchange only for themselves and the user will be responsible for using these services for someone other than himself. The announced account number and card number as well as the address of the wallets for withdrawing Cryptocurrencies must belong to the user and users are not allowed to give the address of the wallet to other persons.

As a platform for the exchange of Cryptocurrencies, Unitchange has no responsibility for the type of transactions of users and the resulting profits and losses, and users should know the potential risks of transactions before using the site services and then consciously act Buy and sell.

If you place an order for Cryptocurrencies, the user will be responsible for providing the correct wallet address. In case of any problems such as entering the wrong address, incorrect address, problems of the destination wallet and blocking the assets of the users in the destination wallet, the Unitchange has no responsibility

Rial deposits from the Unitchange will be on the agenda as soon as possible after place an order. Time to deposit money to users’ accounts will vary based on interbank money transfer restrictions (Paya and Satna)

The user acknowledges that, except in cases committed by Unitchange, will not have the right to make any claims, requests or complaints from Unitchange site, managers, employees and people related to this site.

The user undertakes that the source and destination of all cryptocurrencies and Rial cash provided by him in the site transactions are completely legal and in accordance with international laws and regulations of the country.

If the Unitchange erroneously transfers funds or cryptocurrencies to the user’s account or makes any errors in its calculations, it can at any time independently and without any administrative and judicial formalities and receive written permission from the account owner to correct the mistake and withdraw from his accounts and the opinion of the managers of Unitchange will be valid regarding the occurrence of a mistake in payment and the need to withdraw from the account. Also, the user will not have the right to make any objections or claims regarding the operation of the Unitchange.

Any mistake of users in protecting security information such as username and password is the responsibility of the user and Unitchange will not be responsible. It is strongly recommended to use a complex and secure password for your user account.

* Changes to the rules

Any changes in the rules of using the unitchange site will be notified to users and customers through this website.

The site reserves the right to change the terms of this agreement at any time by notifying the user in advance.