Frequently Asked Questions

How can we trust the Unitchange?

Unitchange consists of a professional and strong team in the field of programming, blockchain, security, management, etc., and its goal is to serve and facilitate the supply and purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies. The Unitchange can be an opportunity to increase your assets and make a profit. To ensure the performance of the Unitchange, you can first buy and sell in small amounts, and after ensuring the correct operation of the Unitchange, you can expand your trading level.

How to trade in Unitchange?

To use the services of Unitchange, you can refer to the main page of the site and choose your type of transactions from the following three modes:

* Exchange cryptocurrencies to each other

* PerfectMoney Trading

* Buy and sell cryptocurrencies in Rials

All this will be done easily and in complete security.

If the origin and destination of transactions is currency other than Rials, there is no need to register and authenticate on the site(No KYC). If the origin and destination of transactions is Rials, you need to register and authenticate for transactions on the site, which is a simple process.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are a new market that have become an important trend with the introduction of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Litecoin, etc. Most cryptocurrencies, use blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrencies are different from fiat currencies. These cryptocurrencies are decentralized assets that, unlike Fiat currencies, are not controlled by a regulator or central bank. In fact, there are many business and investment opportunities in the background of cryptocurrencies. Most cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology. This technology has many advantages and applications for customer-centric models and advanced cybersecurity protocols.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency with which you can place an order online, buy it, or consider it as an investment. These different functions and different uses that you can have, it has become a treasure.

Unlike today’s currencies, which are supplied and distributed by governments, Bitcoin is not controlled by any individual, group, central bank of any country or organization. People who enter the network of this cryptocurrency must accept the rules related to this network. These rules are in the form of programming codes that can be seen by everyone on the Internet.

In short, the purpose of bitcoin is to securely transfer or store money. Therefore, it can be considered a new payment and banking system and a digital and secure platform. Bitcoin actually restores real control of the money to individuals, and with a special password called a private key, only the owners of those keys will be able to spend and transfer the Bitcoin.

Will the amount shown for the customer receive change?

At the time of registering the order in the Unitchange, the amount that is shown to the customer as received (Rials, or cryptocurrency), will be transferred to the customer’s account exactly the same amount.

Some online exchange sites, after showing the deposit amount, again deduct an amount from the customer’s account as a network fee or under other headings, and therefore show a higher figure as a customer receipt before placing an order. Give.

If in the Unitchange, exactly the amount shown is credited to the customer’s account and the amount shown includes the deduction of all fee items and is net.

For example, for exchange Tether to Litecoin, another site may show you the number 90 Tether for a certain amount of Litecoin and the Unitchange 87 Tether as your receipt. If after registering the transaction in the unitchange, you will have exactly 87 Tether in your account, but by trading in another site, you may be deducted a few Tether as a network fee, and Finally, you will receive 81 Tether in your wallet.

How long does it take to settle cryptocurrencies in the Unitchange?

After registering the order by the customer, the financial department of the Unitchange will receive orders on all days of the week and all hours of the day and after confirmation will be placed on the payment agenda.

This time is about fifteen minutes to finally 8 hours after ordering.

What is the number of confirmations of cryptocurrencies for approval?

The number of confirmations required to confirm the deposit by the user varies according to the type of digital currency and is based on the following:
Bitcoin 2 Confirm
Tether 2 confirm
Litecoin 6 Confirm
Ethereum 30 confirm
Ripple 1 Confirm